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Asure ID Sever


The ideal digital identity and photo card management solutions that captures the power of the Internet to create a central card issuance service that easily supports remote offices and multiple customers.

Why Use Asure ID Server:

Streamlines & Secures Central Card Issuance

Asure ID Server’s innovative technology saves valuable time by ensuring that all card records that are securely transmitted from users (Asure ID Connect, Asure ID Express and Asure ID Enterprise) arrive in a “ready to print” format.

Decreased Costs & Tighter Controls For Large Organizations

Asure ID Server™ eliminates the need for dedicated network connections and card printers in remote locations while at the same time allowing for a secure, easily managed and tightly controlled card issuance service.

Increased Service & Revenue Potential For Card Service Bureaus

Asure ID Server is great for Card Service Bureaus in two ways. First, clients using Asure ID Connect, Asure ID Express™ or Asure ID Enterprise™ can be offered vital back up card printing services when they have increased card production requirements or their local printers are unavailable. Additionally, when clients are unable to justify the costs of an internal photo card production system, Service Bureaus can become the primary source for card issuance.


Key Features:

  • Handles an unlimited number of simultaneous connections from Asure ID Connect, Asure ID Express & Asure ID Enterprise users
  • Automatic email notification of new templates and card transactions
  • Smart card based secure system access with user definable privileges and passwords
  • Manages detailed billing, shipping and other important account information
  • Cards arrive and are managed in a “ready to print” format
  • Configurable single, batch and multi card per sheet printing
  • Remote print management tools with support for printer pooling
  • Easy to use template editing utility
  • Encodes barcodes (including PDF417 and Datastrip) and magstripes
  • Custom report writer with dossier printing
  • Export to any ODBC compliant database with easy to use wizards
  • Full support for network configuration over a corporate (LAN/WAN) network with native support for MS SQL Server™ 7.0 and 2000 for improved security, larger database capabilities and better network management
  • Supports server clustering for enhanced ID card issuance
  • Built in system security allows easy setup and configuration of Asure ID Server
  • Available in multiple languages

Asure ID Server Services

The Asure ID Server software can be broken into two component applications, Asure ID Server Services and Asure ID Server Manager. For this reason each component has its own minimum system requirement.

The Asure ID Server Services component is the part of the software that does the actual ‘work’ of receiving, processing and storing incoming cards records, and as such needs to run on an Internet Server, with a unique Internet ‘IP Address’ assigned to it.

The Asure ID Server Manager is the part of the software used to view, print, archive and otherwise manage the cards that have been received by the Server Services. It can be installed and run on the same computer as the Server Services component, or for ease of use (for example when the Server Services are run on a ‘back office’ server machine), it may be installed on any other computer with a direct network connection to the computer running the Server Services component.

In addition, each component has unique minimum system requirements, which are listed in detail below:

Minimum System Requirements
  • 400Mhz minimum Intel or AMD CPU
  • 128MB minimum RAM (256MB recommended)
  • 2MB Video Card minimum
  • SVGA Monitor at 800 x 600 minimum resolution
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 SP1 or higher
  • Direct Internet connection (with static IP address)
  • MS Windows NT4.0 Server (requires Service Pack 6a),
  • MS Windows 2000 Server (requires Service Pack 2 or higher) or
Asure ID Server Manager
  • 233Mhz MMX Intel or AMD CPU minimum
  • 64MB minimum RAM (128MB recommended)
  • 2MB Video Card minimum
  • SVGA Monitor at 800 x 600 minimum resolution
  • USB port or Mini PS/2 Keyboard port and one available COM port (for smart card reader) (link to smart card pack)
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 SP1 or higher
  • Direct network (LAN) connection to the computer running Server Services MS Windows 98,
  • MS Windows NT4.0 (requires Service Pack 6a),
  • MS Windows 2000 (requires Service Pack 2 or higher) or
  • MS Windows XP

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