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Networking and security come together in an enterprise-class ID card printer.


DTC550 Series


DTC550 Overview

Flexibility for centralized or decentralized ID card issuance

DTC550 Card Printer/Encoders are some of the most reliable and versatile ID card printers available. With optional networking capabilities, the DTC550 supports secure ID card
issuance distributed throughout your organization. Even in stand-alone card identity systems, the DTC550 offers single- or dual-sided printing with a variety of encoding and lamination options.

The DTC550 handles a wide range of applications, from on-demand photo IDs, to high-volume customer loyalty cards, to sophisticated access cards with embedded electronics.

Easily integrates into your IT infrastructure

With its optional Ethernet port and internal print server, the DTC550 can be added to your network as easily as any workgroup printer. It provides bi-directional status information, so you can monitor and manage the DTC550 from anywhere on the network using software like Fargo ’s Print Security Manager™.

Designed for high productivity and ease of use

The DTC550 supports secure, productive ID card printing for high-demand user s like large corporations and service bureaus.

  • SecureMark® Technology protects your entire card issuance process, from materials management to printer access.
  • 200-card capacity dual input hopper switches between two different card stocks without stopping to reload.
  • Print, read/write and laminate up to three different e-card technologies plus mag stripe all in a single pass (depending on installed options).

Garfield Grizzlies Card

• Bar codes
• Magnetic stripes
• Dual-sided printing
• Covert printing features
• Holographic overlaminates
• Proximity card technology
• Smart card technology
• And more

• Medium to large corporations
• Post-secondary educational
• Public safety departments
• Large hospitals and research
• State and local government
• Large membership and loyalty
  card programs

Product Benefits

Versatile and reliable, on a network or working alone.

With a variety of encoding, lamination and connectivity options, the DTC550 fits a wide range of applications, from a single ID badging station to a networked service bureau. Even the basic features of the DTC550 are impressive, with full-color Direct-to-Card printing technology, single- and dual-sided printing, intuitive SmartScreen™ control panel, Dual Card Hopper and more.

Prevent tampering and unauthorized use by giving cards an extra layer of security and durability with the Card Lamination option.

Reduce operator confusion, troubleshooting and downtime with clear guidance from status messages and prompts on the SmartScreen LCD Control Panel.

Produce different types of cards and designs without interruption by switching between two different card stocks in the Dual Card Hopper.

Reduce “card doesn’t work” calls to your card program administrator and improve quality by collecting incomplete or improperly encoded cards in the Card Reject Hopper.

Print from multiple PC stations onto one DTC550 through a secure network connection with the optional Ethernet port and internal print server.

Streamline production by encoding up to three e-card technologies in one pass.


Issuance Security Solutions

ID cards are only as secure as the system that produces them. Fargo Issuance Security Solutions use our exclusive SecureMark® Technology to protect the entire card issuance process. DTC550 Card Printer/Encoders can work with all of these Issuance Security Solutions:

Print Security Manager™

Protects ID card issuance across a network by managing user s, devices and materials.

Real-time monitoring of all system components. Manages printer configuration and passwords. Logs key events into central database.

Controls and protects materials inventory. Optional SecureVault™ management capability.

» Download the Print Security Manager brochure

Print Security Suite™

Enhances security, control and convenience for stand-alone card identity systems.

Helps prevent unauthorized ID card printing with password access control and instant notification.

Helps prevent fraud by adding covert Security Imaging elements to ID cards.

» Download the Print Security Suite brochure


Guards against theft and misuse of ID card-making materials with unique hardware and software system.

Keeps materials under constant surveillance through inventory management software, RFID tags and an electronically locked safe.

Tracks movement and use of sensitive materials. Provides secure audit trails and asset management.

» Download the SecureVault brochure


View the Visual Security Solutions Interactive Demo Visual Security Solutions

Supports both minimum and advanced card security

As a standard feature, DTC550 Card Printer/Encoders support the Visual Security Solutions necessary to protect your ID cards from tampering and counterfeiting. If your needs are more advanced, you can apply a highly secure holographic overlaminate material to your ID cards by adding the DTC550 Card Lamination Option.

These Visual Security Solutions are compatible with DTC550 Card Printer/Encoders:

Holographic Overlaminates

Create your own highly secure holographic design by adding up to eight Visual Security Elements to a clear, thin material that is permanently bonded to cards.

HoloMark™ Cards

A holographic image embedded into the card surface provides the highest level of non-laminated card security. Specify a standard hologram, or turn a custom graphic into a one-of-a-kind holographic image.

VeriMark™ Cards

Add personalized text or graphics onto a silver metallic foil for a durable, distinctive and cost-effective visual counterfeit deterrent.



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